She knows exactly how to fill my needs and keep me looking flawless no matter what.

As a professional makeup artist in NYC, I have always been exposed to and sought out the best of the best when it comes to facials, products, and techniques involving skin. Makeup does not look as good if the skin is not flawless and I finally found an aesthetician and an environment that upholds high standards for maintaining your best face.

Adam Kolker, M.D. and his staff are not only knowledgeable on everything involving skin care and procedures of this nature, they are the most friendly and authentic people you will ever meet. As a business owner, I am very aware of good client service and creating an experience for my clients and I am treated with such openness, courtesy, and warmth every time I step foot into the office. No matter the service, you are always welcomed with open arms and it is very clear the type of environment and people here are all genuinely motivated to make you feel special.

My aesthetician at Dr. Kolker's office has transformed my skin from amazing to flawless. My skin has never looked or felt better and her techniques are repeatedly customized and personalized based on season, hormones (pregnancy and age), and lifestyle. There is always something new I am learning and looking forward to experiencing each time I visit. As my skin changes, so must my regime and she knows exactly how to fill my needs and keep me looking flawless no matter what. I will forever be a client and fan of the wonderful team here no matter what procedure I may choose to have in the future. Many thanks!


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I always look forward to my facial treatments.

A friend, who said 'trust me, just go', referred me to Dr. Kolker's office for facials. The aesthetician always makes my skin look just beautiful regardless of the shape it is in when I enter her room.

Nina knows just what to do to rejuvenate my skin, leaving it looking radiant never irritated. I have been seeing her regularly, once a month, and would never consider going anywhere else. I always look forward to my facial treatments with such excitement! Dr. Kolker's warm, inviting office and kind staff makes the experience even more special. It is so relaxing and luxurious and a lot more intimate than at a spa.


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I always leave not only looking better but feeling like I want to dance out of the office.

I've seen a number of aestheticians and for me it is a dual experience: I want the treatment results and just as importantly I want to feel good about myself, relaxed and not pressured schedule-wise.

She really knows her information and is always open to hearing about new things, she doesn't try to sell a lot of product nor does she make you feel you have to see her regularly - in fact she says right up front she expects her course of treatments will not make it necessary to visit her all the time!

On top of it, she is a lot of fun to be around; her enthusiasm for her work is infectious and I always leave not only looking better but feeling like I want to dance out of the office and down the street.


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After every session, I'm counting down the days until I can go back!

I can only begin to express how pleased and delighted I am to have discovered the facial treatments at Dr. Kolker's office and his amazing products.

I've struggled with sensitive skin and acne for as long as I can remember and had simply given up on the idea that I would ever be happy with my skin. Well, Dr. Kolker's aesthetician proved me wrong. After carefully examining my skin, she came up with a short and long term plan for me. With the help of facials, the occasional peel, and products, I literally feel like I have a new face. She is wonderfully knowledgeable and personable, and it's always an absolutely lovely experience to visit her. Moreover, she never pushes unnecessary products or procedures. I've been so pleased that I've sent friends (with varying skin issues) to her, and they all rave about her. I must add that before I found Dr. Kolker, I had stopped getting facials altogether because every time I went it seemed my skin was worse than before, or I wouldn't want to leave the house for days; however, after a session at Dr. Kolker's, I can immediately return to my daily routine (not to mention I get constant compliments about how I'm 'glowing'). After every session, I'm counting down the days until I can go back!


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She knows EVERYTHING about skincare.

Dr. Kolker’s aesthetician performed me a deep cleansing facial on me that looks and feels absolutely fantastic. More importantly, she took the time to educate me on how to properly maintain my skin. She is facial-literate... she knows EVERYTHING about skincare.

I learned where I had damage, how to reverse it and what combination of products and treatments to use to maintain my skin... She is the expert and people are talking!


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