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Facial Rejuvenation Testimonials

Dr. Kolker is an excellent surgeon! He performed my eyelid surgery and enhanced my upper lip area. The results are extraordinary and I continue to use Dr. Kolker for all of my surgical and non-surgical needs. There is no other Doctor that I would use.

Dr. Kolker is a wonderful human being and I am always happy when I am in his lovely office. His staff is welcoming and friendly and will work with you to make your appointments possible and a pleasure. I have never met a Doctor with better bedside manner; and his technique is impeccable. He will never recommend or push a procedure on a patient that is not warranted and in fact, will talk you out of something that he feels you do not need. You just feel good leaving his office - like leaving a hairdresser after a great hair styling! It is about two years since my blepharoplasty procedure was done and the results are wonderful. Since then I see Dr. Kolker for all of my botox and filler needs and the results are amazing.

The post-operative care was excellent and in general I can think of no other Doctor as wonderful as he is at plastic surgery. I know many and have many friends who practice in that field. Not one of them is comparable to the type of person and surgeon as Dr. Kolker.H.R. / NEW JERSEY
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I have the highest regard, praise and thanks to Dr. Kolker and his great team of professional staff. Being a nurse and healthcare administrator, I had very high expectations for having facial plastic surgery and wanting assurance of a great outcome, which is exactly what I received. Once you enter the office, meet Dr. Kolker, and also see the meticulous detail and cleanliness of the surroundings, you know that this is whom you want to entrust with the transformation you are seeking!

From my initial consult and throughout the surgical period and beyond, all my fears about facelift surgery were allayed and my questions answered in a very reassuring and professional manner. I cannot say enough about the attention to detail that Dr. Kolker and his staff have and how they always made themselves available. They are a well-coordinated unique team of professionals who can address all your needs or provide contacts for any resource you need. Based on this experience I have recommended Dr. Kolker to many physicians and friends and know that whoever meets him will be truly satisfied!A.M. / NEW YORK
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Dr. Kolker is a doll. Kind, professional, attentive and meticulous. His staff is not only good looking but on the ball with a friendly, professional attitude. His office is beautiful. However, all of that would mean nothing if the physician in question wasn't a skilled, well trained, meticulous surgeon with an artist's eye and a skilled hand.

He operates with the intent of making a difference with a finish that is natural. I had a facelift and return frequently for Botox and Juvederm injections.

I have a close relative that had a facelift by another well-known surgeon and for the six weeks after surgery only saw his nurses. After my facelift, Dr. Kolker saw me personally five times in two weeks and would have seen me more if necessary. While I was on the table in recovery, the nurses told me that all the staff of the hospital used Dr. Kolker because he is so good. I also got a recommendation from another patient who had a facelift. She is an operating room nurse and had seen hundreds of facelifts by other plastic surgeons and she chose Dr. Kolker because he is so terrific. I am so glad I did too. His work is world class.

Although Dr. Kolker is a Park Avenue doctor, he doesn't only treat Park Avenue patients. He yearly donates his services to Operation Smile and shares the photos and stories of his little patients that would live a markedly different life had Dr. Kolker not helped them with corrective surgery for their cleft palates.

As you can tell, I recommend him highly for his skill, his kindness and being a doctor in the old fashioned sense of the word, someone who cares for his patients.A.R. / NEW YORK
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I am extremely pleased with my experiences at Dr Kolker's office. Dr. Kolker's care, pleasant manner and surgical skills are what keep me coming back as well as referring my friends and family to Dr Kolker.

The office staff is always friendly, takes the time to answer questions and is very professional. Thanks for your wonderful care!J.C. / NEW YORK
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I had consulted several practitioners for facial plastic surgery prior to selecting Dr. Kolker. For me, Dr. Kolker and his staff met all of my criteria. As a doctor myself, I am intimately aware of how a practice functions. Dr. Kolker and his staff work seamlessly to offer their patients the highest level of personal care.

Dr. Kolker has excellent credentials and personal recommendations. His staff has always been warm, informative and helpful.

Recently I consulted Dr. Kolker and his staff about a second body contouring procedure. After considering my personal situation, the office recommended that I postpone surgery for several years so that I could pursue my goals. The office's responses made me feel that their concern for me as individual outweighed the financial gains of another procedure.D.J. / NEW YORK
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