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Dr. Kolker and everyone on his staff are the best! After losing 180 pounds, and having two unsuccessful Abdominoplasty surgeries with a different surgeon, I called Dr. Kolker's office. From the moment I spoke to the receptionist, I knew this was the place for me... I cannot thank Dr. Kolker and his team enough for the way I feel now. It was the best decision I ever made.

Everyone is always so kind and supportive. Dr. Kolker is a true artist. At my consultation, he listened to what I envisioned and worked with me to create a plan for losing all my extra skin and restoring my body to where it would have been if I had not been 330 pounds. He suggested we do two surgeries...the first on my upper body, with a breast lift and arm lift; the second a tummy tuck and a thigh lift with some liposuction. He told me I could do as much or as little as I liked.

The upper body (Mastopexy & Brachioplasty) was done at the surgical office and it was a breeze. The attending nurse was kind and supportive. By the second day, I was out and about, and a week later I was back at work. It has been six months and I am so happy!

The second surgery was done eight weeks later. It was a much more involved surgery, done at the hospital; but again, Dr. Kolker and his team did not let me down. I finally have the body that I had dreamed of. The recovery for this surgery was longer than the other, but everything turned out perfectly. I even had Dr. Kolker's cell phone number and could call him at any time. I didn't need to call much but the one time that I did have a question, he picked up immediately and was incredibly supportive. Each time I came in for something...be it removal of stitches, or just a check-up, Dr. Kolker was just as excited about my progress as I was. He gave me tons of time and attention at every visit. He worked with me on my vision of what I wanted. Now my fiancee, who was with me throughout the process, is so confident in Dr. Kolker that he is about to become a patient!

I cannot thank Dr. Kolker and his team enough for the way I feel now. It was the best decision I ever made.T.C. / NEW YORK
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I have to admit, the experience I had with Dr. Kolker and his whole staff was far more then I ever expected. From my first consultation to the year post surgery follow-up, I have felt impressed with every aspect of this process. I lost a tremendous amount of weight (105 lbs) and was disappointed that even after all that weight loss, I couldn't wear what I wanted. Not even a size 10 body could make me feel happy about my hanging skin and a sagging chest. Regardless of the size on the tag (which was my goal and what I strived for), I couldn't wear a bathing suit or a sleeveless shirt. I felt that I had gone through all that effort and didn't get the result that I wanted, which was simply to feel confident and proud of my body. I was saddened that i was not feeling happy with my weight loss and I knew there had to be a better solution. That is where Dr. Kolker and his team came in.

I wasn't completely sure that I would go through with the surgery in the beginning. I just wanted to do research to see what could be done. My drooping arms and breasts bothered me so much.

I was so impressed with Dr. Kolker's honesty and the professionalism of the office that I just kept progressing with each step of the process. I was SURE that at some point I was going to chicken out, but every time I took a step towards the surgery, I felt more and more confident with Dr. Kolker and the whole staff.

The week before my Brachioplasty and Mastopexy (arm lift and breast lift, actually, an upper body lift), I had a mini panic attack (which is completely normal). I went right to the office and I felt like I was sitting down with a bunch of friends to discuss what I was afraid of. Dr. Kolker and Jillian (the office manager) were amazingly understanding and thoroughly explained the process; during the surgery and the weeks that followed. It was wonderfully re-assuring and I basically skipped down to the office on the morning of the surgery.

A bigger part of the success story is post surgery and the result. Dr. Kolker and his staff were incredibly accommodating with all my inquiries and questions. The post-op appointments went well and I felt fantastic... being happy with the care and effort of the staff truly assisted with my healthy outlook.

Now, I am more then a year post-op. I have arms and a chest to be proud of. I have finally attained that proud feeling of losing the weight because I feel that I have now completed what I have set out to do. Losing weight is only half the battle... feeling confident and proud of my new body is the real reward. I could not have done that without the amazing talent of Dr. Kolker and the support of his staff.

I made an investment in my happiness, my body and my self-esteem. I am so proud of my decision to have the arm lift and breast lift. I am proud of my surgery result and I am proud (now) of feeling like the person that I set out to accomplish more then 3 years ago ! I have Dr. Kolker to thank for it!N.F. / NEW YORK
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After my gastric bypass surgery in 2003 I lost 150 pounds. I was so incredibly delighted, but was left with excess skin of my tummy, arms, and thighs, and very saggy breasts. Still in my early twenties, this was so difficult to deal with in the wake of the amazing weight loss.

I was reluctant to consider more surgery, but I came to terms with the fact that no exercise or diet regimen would be able to correct what I had left "hanging around" after my bypass. I did my due diligence, and actually met with multiple plastic surgeons. After consultations with four other surgeons, I finally met Dr. Adam Kolker. From the moment I walked into his office, I felt an incredible sense of warmth and professionalism. The staff was just wonderful; they were so inviting, comforting, and organized. Dr. Kolker came to the waiting room to greet me, and after five seconds, I knew that he would be my surgeon. He was so warm and friendly that I felt like I knew him forever. During our consultation, he showed me many photographs of his excellent work that were simply unbelievable. He was so confident and understanding, and after having gone through surgery with him and seeing his incredible work and caring firsthand, I realize that I could not have made a better choice. I had a Mastopexy and Brachioplasty (breast lift and arm lift) in July 2004, followed by a lower body lift in January 2005, and I look and feel amazing. Dr. Kolker is a fantastic surgeon and a wonderful person... he has made a girl who was so self-conscious and uncomfortable feel absolutely beautiful. I can now wear a dress, and even a bathing suit, and look in the mirror and just smile.B.P. / NEW YORK
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I was quite self-conscious when I first made the decision to seek plastic surgery help following my 100 pound weight loss. The bariatric surgery I had had two years earlier had been a success, but it left me with quite a bit of unsightly, unwanted, hanging abdominal skin (my "apron").

The rashes and sores I would get in the area where skin rested on skin were quite painful at times and just having the overlap there made clothes shopping not much more fun or easy than it had been before losing any weight. With my husband's support, I asked my bariatric surgeon for a plastic surgeon recommendation. He very readily gave me Dr. Kolker's name and number. From the very first phone call to schedule my consultation, I knew that I had made the right choice: not just to have my procedure done, but to have it done with Dr. Kolker. I have been treated with only the utmost in professionalism, courtesy and kindness since first visiting Dr. Kolker's office. My entire experience, from dealing with my insurance company, to post-operative office visits has been extremely positive.

At my consultation Dr. Kolker seemed to know exactly how I was feeling and what results I was looking for. He explained that I would need not just a tummy tuck, but also a full lower-body lift with some liposuction. It would be an extensive procedure, but would be the right thing to do. He put my mind at ease as he answered all of my husband's questions and mine. The before-and-after photos of other patients he had worked on were truly amazing. I left the office elated. A few weeks later my insurance was approved and we had a surgery date. (The girls in the office were so patient and helpful whenever I'd call to get an insurance update.) Dr. Kolker was incredible throughout the procedure. Every question I had was answered immediately and it seemed as though Dr. Kolker's only interest was my well-being.

The best surgeons are often stereotyped as having very poor "people skills" or no "bedside manner". Dr. Kolker completely breaks this stereotype. His friendly smile and warm manner made me feel like his only patient. Today I am four and a half months post-op. My results are absolutely amazing. I've gone from wearing a size 16/18 jeans (down from a 26 before my bariatric surgery) to a size12 and from not wanting to even wear a bathing suit to wearing my very first bikini this past summer. I can truly say that I don't remember being happier or more self-confident at any other time in my life.P.D. / NEW YORK
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I had lap band surgery in 2004 and lost 90lbs. I had so much skin causing me back pain that I decided to have plastic surgery. I found the best plastic surgeon in Manhattan, Dr. Adam Kolker.

I highly recommend him if you are looking for a plastic surgeon. My first impression of Dr. Kolker was, "this is the one!" As soon as I met him and shook his hand, I knew. He is warm, friendly, and highly skilled, his knowledge and professionalism surpass any other surgeon I met before. My impression of him has never changed it only got better. His office staff are also warm and friendly, organized young professionals who are always willing to help. They always have a smile on their face and greet you with a warm welcome. I only have good things to say about Dr. Kolker and his staff; they have given me a new life free of back pain and excess skin.

You should know that he is #1 in my book and others that I have referred agree. His work is meticulous, his talent and knowledge exceptional. His before and after care programs are very informative and include a vitamin regimen to help you heal faster with less bruising and follow up visits after surgery are weekly. Dr. Kolker is very encouraging and informative at follow up visits and encourages a healthy lifestyle including diet and exercise.

Dr. Kolker addressed all risks of surgery in informative layman terms, which were easy to comprehend and took the time to answer my many questions without hesitation. I would rate him a top surgeon with excellent surgical competence and an excellent bedside manner. I cannot say enough or thank him enough for the life changing surgeries he has performed on me. I will be forever grateful and thank God each day for finding a surgeon like Dr. Kolker.C.G. / NEW YORK
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