They are so friendly and warm.

Dr. Kolker was my first and only consultation. Although I had intentions of meeting with other surgeons, from the moment I walked out of his office, I knew he would be my surgeon.

The staff is not like any other doctors staff I have encountered. They are so friendly and warm that you can't feel anything but ease when you are in the office.

The warmth and compassion I felt from Dr. Kolker and his staff was unlike anything I had experienced from other doctors. Dr. Kolker is truly a brilliant plastic surgeon.


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Dr. Kolker truly listens to your wishes and goals.

He is gentle in his approach, honest in his assessment, and unequivocally clear in his vision.

He has an impeccable aesthetic eye, undoubtedly attributed to both his artistic background and very own sense of what is beautiful. It's impossible not to have 100% faith in his abilities. The office staff is professional and personable, a complete reflection upon Dr. Kolker himself. Everyone, including Jillian, Jacki, Vanessa, Mary, and now Rachel, is extremely responsive and compassionate. They work together as a team to impact your overall experience in a strictly positive way, and make you feel totally cared for and appreciated.


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Dr. Adam Kolker: Amazing

I have one word to describe Dr. Adam Kolker and his staff: amazing.

I had been researching breast augmentation for years, and had even met with several doctors but never felt confident to go through with it - until I met with Dr. Kolker.


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Thank you Dr Kolker.

They really held my hand the whole way through the process.

The end result (which I had spent YEARS worrying about being a petite girl) is simply amazing and exactly what I wanted. Thank you Dr Kolker. Your eye for detail and complete professionalism is outstanding.


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The overall feel is very luxurious.

Before visiting Dr. Kolker's office, I consulted another surgeon but did not feel comfortable with him or his staff.

Dr. Kolker is not only a great physician but is also very personable and has good energy about him. The same applies to all the nice ladies who work in his practice. After my breast augmentation, Jillian was always there for me with any questions I had. I always look forward to coming back, now for facials and laser treatments. The design aesthetic and the colors used in Dr. Kolker's office are also very soothing and the overall feel is very luxurious. Going there feels like a mini vacation!


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Dr. Kolker is an amazing surgeon who cares about his patients.

When I called the office to schedule a consultation the wonderful Jillian was incredibly patient and answered every possible question I could think of, which truly spoke to the competency and professionalism of the staff overall.

At that point, all it took was meeting Dr. Kolker and his incredible team to solidify my decision. That very day I completed all the paperwork and scheduled my surgery. Every single step in this process was smooth and completely stress-free. Dr. Kolker is an amazing surgeon who cares about his patients, and has surrounded himself with a truly outstanding team.

L.D./ NY

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It was an extraordinary experience.

I began my search by asking friends, colleagues and my very trusted ob/gyn. They all came back with the same recommendation, Dr. Adam Kolker.

Before even meeting Dr. Kolker, I had already decided that he was going to perform my breast augmentation surgery. My expectations were exceeded when I finally met Dr. Kolker and his staff. I felt very safe in his state of the art facility. The personalized care I received from each person in the office was substantial. It was an extraordinary experience that I can't describe in words to do it justice.


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I look forward to the next phase of my life.

As excited as I was to have my new body, the fact that my surgery was complete was bittersweet for me.

I had grown to love my time with all the office staff and they very much felt like family and friends. I am now embracing life with the excitement of my new shape and I have never felt better. I look forward to the next phase of my life and my continued high regard and professional relationship with Dr. Kolker and his incredible staff.


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Dr. Kolker provided a window for me.

Dr. Kolker provided a window for me to see things I never thought about or imagined about myself. Everyday holds more excitement and discovery for me.


Dr. Kolker's emphasis is always on natural beauty.

He has impeccable instincts and always knows how to make you look your best. He is an absolute artist.


When I met with Dr. Kolker, I knew he was the one!

I almost did not go to my consultation with Dr. Kolker, as I had seen three other Doctors in NYC for a breast augmentation and tummy tuck, and even though what they all had to say was similar, they just were not right.

Lastly, with low expectations I arrived at Dr. Kolker's office, what a surprise! This group of lovely people, smiling and happy in this beautiful environment, greeted me. When I met with Dr. Kolker, I knew he was the one! I remember going to dinner to meet my husband after my appointment and beaming at the table saying, "I found him".


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They truly have made my experience special.

Going through with any kind of surgery can be nerve racking, even if it is an elective breast augmentation procedure.

That is when choosing the right "team" will make all the difference. I am so happy to have found Dr Kolker and his team! They truly have made my experience special. You can count on Dr Kolker to give you the results you are looking for because he genuinely cares about the happiness of his patients. Make a consultation and you will see for yourself!!


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What Dr. Kolker did with my breasts is a miracle.

I could no longer condemn myself to a lifetime of insecurity and ugly padded bras. I began to research the best plastic surgeons, starting with New York Magazine's Best Doctors list.

After looking at hundreds of pre & post breast augmentation images on several surgeons' websites, Dr. Kolker had the best work by far. While I made several appointments with other surgeons for breast surgery, I immediately cancelled them after my first consultation with Dr. Kolker. What Dr. Kolker did with my breasts is a miracle. You will not regret it!


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I look and feel great!

Dr. Kolker's reputation of being an incredible surgeon is well known but his humble personality and caring nature are truly what makes the entire process of plastic surgery exciting and enjoyable.

In addition, he surrounds himself with a staff of compassionate and gracious professionals who are there for you and willing to hold your hand every step of the way. I wish I had met Dr. Kolker and his staff years ago because I look and feel great!


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It is the best decision I have ever made.

I visited several New York City plastic surgeons and after meeting Dr. Kolker and his staff I knew he was going to be my surgeon. It is the best decision I have ever made and I am just thrilled everyday with my results.


Walking into Dr. Kolker's office is like walking into a friend's home.

Dr. Kolker and team are so friendly and the best at what they do. Surgery can be a scary thing, but not in this office... you couldn't find better care elsewhere.


They are warm, personable and very accommodating.

I had several consultations with other cosmetic surgeons before making the indisputable choice to go with Dr. Kolker.

He was very professional and thorough in his explanations and made it clear what was realistically possible. I felt that he and his staff valued my personal situation and recognized that the choice to have cosmetic surgery has an emotional element as well. His bedside manner is wonderful. The staff in his office is a reflection of the high standards Dr. Kolker has for his practice. They are warm, personable and very accommodating.

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Thank you Dr. Kolker for reintroducing me to life.

I have not felt this good in years. Not only do I feel good but thanks to you I look great. You are not only an excellent doctor but also an amazing individual. You are the best.


He made me feel like family.

Dr. Kolker was the first doctor I spoke to about my surgery and from that initial interview I knew he was going to be my doctor. He made me feel like family from the moment I entered his office.


Since my surgery I've grown in the workplace and socially.

Dr. Kolker and his staff took me under their wings and helped me throughout the entire experience. Dr. Kolker's expertise is unmatchable.

Each step that he told me I would experience throughout this process was accurate. Since my surgery I've grown in the workplace and socially. I owe my new outlook to Dr. Kolker. He'll always remain one of the most important people in my life.


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I can never thank him enough for what he has done for me.

Walking into the operating room I broke down into tears (of course overreacting on my part).

Dr. Kolker stood above me before we got started and wiped the tears off of my face; I was shocked to see a doctor have such compassion, and knew right then that everything would be fine.

The care that I received from Dr. Kolker and his staff after the surgery was just as impressive - from the phone calls at home, check up visits, and emails to check in. Knowing that I only have one or two more follow up appointments with Dr. Kolker leaves me bittersweet. I can never thank him enough for what he has done for me, and the entire time with such love and care.


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I can't thank Dr. Kolker enough.

I can't thank Dr. Kolker enough for his wonderful job and allowing me to feel better and have no more back pain.


I would recommend Dr. Kolker to anyone who is serious about plastic surgery, whether it is something as simple as Botox, or as complicated facial reconstruction.

His staff is just the same. They smiled at me every time I entered the office and helped me get my appointments and other arrangements without any hassle. My results are unbelievable.


I just want to tell you that my experience in Dr. Kolker's office was absolutely wonderful.

The environment in the office was welcoming. The staff is so nice and it is always a joy being there. Dr. Kolker is just a wonderful doctor.


He emanates a kind of calmness.

Dr. Kolker's office is always a lovely place come to. The interior itself is warm and inviting, luxurious and comfortable.

It is a calming and soothing atmosphere so unlike doctor's offices I've experienced in the past; it's almost as if you're sitting in your friend's living room waiting to have tea. Everyone in the office is wonderfully friendly and inviting. The same can be said of Dr. Kolker who is amiable and sociable, yet pleasantly professional. He emanates a kind of calmness that is fabulously reassuring.


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Dr. Kolker is the most kind and caring man I have ever met.

All I have to say is that Dr. Kolker is one of the most amazing people that ever entered my life! When I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, I was referred to Dr. Kolker through my breast surgeon, for which I am forever grateful.

Dr. Kolker is the most kind and caring man I have ever met. He took away so much of my fear and made me excited about my breast surgery. His meticulous reconstructive "art" is just amazing. He is so in tune to detail. His staff is like family to me. Dr. Kolker is TOP NOTCH in the medical field and he "does it all" with a gentle touch. He gave me my self esteem back. He took the lowest part of my life and turned it into an amazing new beautiful beginning. Because his work is so excellent, people cannot even believe that I have a reconstructed breast! Thank you Dr. Kolker, you make my heart smile!


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My dramatic results were evident right away.

As far as the actual surgery is concerned, I was really afraid. Turns out my fears were shockingly unfounded.

I am so happy and pleasantly surprised to report that my recovery has been an absolute breeze! And my dramatic results were evident right away. A key part of that recovery was being able to stay overnight in the surgical suite with the private nurses, who were amazingly attentive and wonderful. They monitored me the whole time, had me up and walking, and made sure I was comfortable. Again, that speaks to the overall positive experience that Dr. Kolker and his staff offer.


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I could not have dreamed of a better place to have my procedure.

The in-office surgical experience is luxury at its best. It is the most beautiful office I have ever seen and Dr. Kolker is just awesome. He was always available to me throughout the process. The recovery room was very private, elegant and so comfortable. I could not have dreamed of a better place to have my procedure.


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