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The Art of Breast Lift

For so many women, much more important than breast size is a beautiful, natural, youthful breast shape. Pregnancy, weight gain and loss, heredity, or advancing age can predispose to loss of breast volume, projection and position. Dr. Kolker's NYC breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, restores a more youthful, perky, attractive shape, proportion and balance to the breasts.

My experience with Dr. Kolker and his staff made it obvious that I should never consider another plastic surgeon! I had several consultations with other cosmetic surgeons for a breast lift procedure before making the indisputable choice to go with Dr. Kolker.S.K. / NYC
View Before & After Gallery

View Dr. Kolker's breast lift gallery. These before and after photos will assist you in understanding your various options and enable you to set realistic goals for your own surgical outcome.

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Along with breast droop and deflation, areolas may enlarge, and breast skin may stretch and become thin and inelastic. Breasts that are low situated, droopy, or not ideally shaped may also be present from the earliest phases of breast development. Whether sag, volume loss, and unsatisfactory breast shape has developed postpartum, following weight change, over time, or if it has always been present, correction with a breast lift should be considered. Low-lying nipple-areolar position can be elevated, larger areolas can be reduced and made more proportional, the existing breast gland can be lifted to a more ideal position, and the entire breast can be firmed and reshaped to return the breasts to more attractive and beautiful balance. Restoration of volume in the upper pole of the breast (the region above the nipple) may be achieved in many instances with existing breast gland; when there has been more significant volume loss, particularly after pregnancy or weight loss, replacing lost volume with breast implants (breast augmentation-mastopexy) may be indicated. In select circumstances, breast implants alone may be sufficient to achieve the desired result, however when significant improvements in position, tone and shape are required, a breast lift is often the best choice to achieve your desired goals.

Breast Lift with Dr. Adam Kolker

Breast Lift with Adam Kolker

There are so many different forms of breast droop, deflation, and insufficient shape, and an equally wide array of individual goals for correction. Therefore, every breast lift procedure with Dr. Kolker is uniquely personalized and tailored specifically to both anatomy and desire. Breast lift incision choices will vary depending upon the degree of deflation, the breast and nipple position, the elasticity of the skin, and whether or not volume will be restored concomitantly with breast implants. Breast lift surgery can be performed using native tissues only, or with the addition of volume using breast implants to better restore a more youthful, natural shape. Breast lifts are as different as the individual who requires it, and the surgeon who performs it. The breast lift surgeon you choose does make a difference. From initial evaluation, planning, and through the surgery, a breast lift is so much more than simply reducing extra skin and tightening breast skin. It is a very delicate, aesthetic, and truly sculptural process that requires artistic vision, vast experience, and technical finesse to achieve the most beautiful results. Taking all of these variables into consideration, NYC breast lift surgeon, Dr. Adam Kolker will help to advise you regarding the best breast lift procedure, or combination of procedures, to achieve your unique goals.

Dr. Adam Kolker

Dr. Kolker's Message to Those Considering Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is a uniquely creative and sculptural process. Restoration of youthful position, improving the tone and turgor of skin, re-establishment of projection, and artistically reshaping the breast are all essential in achieving the most gorgeous results. Even more gratifying than the beautiful and balanced look that can be achieved is the tremendous improvement in how people feel.Dr. Adam Kolker

Planning Your Breast Lift

Breast lift planning begins with an in-depth discussion and careful examination so that your unique desires can be paired with your physical needs to establish the best breast lift technical approach. Experienced not simply in the performance of the most modern techniques, but in their development and improvement, Dr. Kolker will recommend the procedure that marries the goal of the most beautiful breast lift result with the most minimal incisions necessary to achieve it. The breast lift techniques are as follows:

  • Circumareolar Mastopexy - "Doughnut" breast lift with an incision around areola only
  • Circumvertical Mastopexy -"Lollipop" breast lift, or short scar breast lift, with an incision around areola and a vertical line
  • Wise-Pattern Mastopexy - "Inverted-T" breast lift, with an incision around the areola, a vertical line to the inframammary crease, and a horizontal line
  • Augmentation Mastopexy - any breast lift performed in conjunction with breast augmentation with breast implants

Breast droop is characterized and classified to four general types to aid in formulating the best breast lift technique:

Glandular Ptosis or Pseudoptosis

The breast gland droops down below the inframammary fold, but the nipple-areola is positioned above the crease

Grade I Ptosis

Both the gland and nipple droop slightly below the breast crease

Grade II Ptosis

Gland and nipple droop more significantly below the crease

Grade III Ptosis

The most severe form, associated with the nipple-areola at the lowest aspect of the drooping breast

In addition to the positional factors listed above, breast skin inelasticity, areolar size, glandular density, general breast shape and degree of deflation must all be considered when choosing the best breast lift approach. In the mildest forms, a circumareolar mastopexy, with an incision confined to the areola, is appropriate. In certain cases with more moderate droop where breast implants will also be used, the circumareolar approach may also be appropriate. In situations where the breast droop is moderate and additional shaping, elevation and restoration of projection are required, a circumvertical mastopexy, with a lollipop incision around the areola and a vertical line beneath it, will yield the most pleasing shape. In cases of the most severe breast droop and deflation where the most "lifting" is required, a breast lift that employs a circular incision around the areola, a line progressing vertically to the crease, and a limited incision within the crease may be indicated. In any case, only the shortest incisional approach will be undertaken to achieve the desired results. If additional breast volume is desired, particularly in the restoration of the breast upper pole in the region above the nipple that tends to deflate postpartum or after weight loss, a breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation with the simultaneous placement of breast implants to further enhance the breast shape and balance.

Before & After Gallery

View Before & After Gallery

View Dr. Kolker's breast lift gallery. These before and after photos will assist you in understanding your various options and enable you to set realistic goals for your own surgical outcome.

  • Breast Lift Before and After Photos
    Breast Lift Before and After Photos
  • Breast Lift Before and After Photos
    Breast Lift Before and After Photos
  • Breast Lift Before and After Photos
    Breast Lift Before and After Photos

Hear From Dr. Kolker's Patients

I had been contemplating getting a breast lift for years. I absolutely hated the way my breasts looked and was extremely self-conscious about my appearance for as long as I could remember. There finally came a point when I decided I had to go through with a breast lift procedure or else I would unhappy for the rest of my life. Once my decision was made, I began researching the top plastic surgeons in New York City. When I came across Dr. Adam Kolker’s website, I had a gut feeling that he would be my surgeon.G.M. / New York City
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Preparing for Breast Lift Surgery

Approximately two weeks before your breast lift surgery, you will have a comprehensive preoperative visit in our office in NYC. A complete list of what to do and what to avoid is reviewed. Prescriptions for medications to be taken postop are given, and the pre and postop instructions are reviewed. Any questions that remain can be answered during this visit. Routine laboratory studies/blood work are ordered, and any (age and past medical history appropriate) breast imaging studies that are obtained as appropriate.

The Breast Lift Procedure

Performed exclusively by Dr. Kolker in his fully accredited surgical facility on Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York City, breast lift surgery is an outpatient procedure. The office-based surgery unit is accredited by the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. After preoperative marking, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist from the Department of Anesthesia at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. The procedure duration is approximately three hours.


Following your breast lift in Manhattan, you will be cared for by our licensed registered nurse in our recovery room. You will be discharged home with a friend or relative when you are fully awake and comfortable, generally one to two hours after the completion of surgery.

Dr. Kolker recommends taking one week off from work or strenuous activity, although in certain circumstances a return to "light duties" may be possible after as few as four to five days. No suture removal will be required, as sutures are placed beneath the skin and are dissolvable. Closed suction drainage tubes are most often used that are removed between three and five days after your procedure. A special bra that is provided by our office is worn for approximately one week, after which a sports bra is worn. Regular bras and bathing suit tops can be worn after three to four weeks. Settling of the breasts to their final shape is at approximately 12 weeks following breast lift.

Exercise After Breast Lift

Return to light exercise (walking, elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike) begins at five to seven days, and more vigorous exercise resumes at three weeks (chest exercise may be resumed after about six weeks if breast implants are used in conjunction with breast lift).


Dr. Kolker will see you in follow-up periodically following breast lift surgery. You will be seen in our office several times during the first two weeks postop, and then at intervals through the first year. He will make recommendations on any early restrictions, return to normal activities, breast self-examination, general breast health and maintenance, and the timing of any breast imaging as indicated. NYC breast lift surgeon, Dr. Kolker and his staff will always be available to assist you with any questions or recovery-related matters following the procedure.

More Questions?

Our website and other internet resources can be very helpful in providing a basic education and overview of breast lift surgery indications and options. There is, however, no comparison with an in-depth, personal consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in the numerous and varied breast lift methods. In careful consideration of breast shape, elasticity, areolar size and position, volume, and your unique desires, Dr. Kolker will guide you through all steps of the decision-making process, and will devise a treatment strategy and options that are specific to your anatomy and goals. Not all breast lifts are the same; this is a procedure that requires customization, finesse, experience, appreciation of anatomy, and artistic vision to achieve the most balanced, and the most beautiful outcomes, and the surgeon you choose absolutely makes a difference. We invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss your surgery with Dr. Adam Kolker who has earned a reputation amongst his patients for providing the best breast lift New York City has to offer.

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