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Gummy Bear Breast Implants

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I was very uneasy speaking about what was bothering me, but upon meeting Dr. Kolker and listening to him explain his technique, he made me feel very comfortable and I had a feeling at that second that I could trust and believe in him. My inverted nipple was corrected successfully! It changed my life and the way I feel about myself. MT
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Style 410 Implants: Gummy Bear Implants

The Allergan Style 410 implants (and the Mentor CPG implants) are breast implants that are shaped, form-stable silicone breast implants. These "gummy bear" breast implants have been used widely in Europe and elsewhere outside the United States for nearly twenty years. A variety of alterations and improvements in the crosslinking of the silicone gel fill as well as an increase in the range of shapes and sizes have made the Style 410 silicone implant an outstanding addition to the breast implant spectrum.

As a result of the more dense, more viscous cohesive, form stable silicone gel, these breast implants are referred to as gummy bear implants. The silicone gel form stability of the Style 410 breast implants refers to increased cohesiveness, or firmness, of the silicone filler, which predispose this breast implant to maintaining its shape when upright, avoiding upper pole folding and shell collapse.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Gummy Bear Breast Implants

The Style 410 shaped silicone breast implants are available in 12 different shapes for any given volume. Compared to round silicone implants (including Natrelle Styles 10, 15, and 20) the gummy bear silicone implants are made with a more cohesive gel with more silicone crosslinking. Shaped, form-stable silicone gel breast implants are slightly firmer than the "less cohesive" cohesive gel implants. After breast augmentation, however, many feel that there is little difference in softness between the Style 410 form stable cohesive gel and other cohesive gel implants. The advantages with the gummy bear implants are that they maintain shape in the upper pole, with less roundness and a more natural look in the appropriate individual. Furthermore, the rupture rate of Style 410 implants may be the lowest of any cohesive silicone gel implant, and the associated capsular contracture rates are also extremely low. The disadvantages of Style 410 implants are that the increased firmness may in some cases be noticeable, that the implants will not move; an anatomical breast implant must be placed hand-in-glove to avoid rotation or positional shift. Also, a larger incision is often required for insertion of 410 breast implants.

Who is a Candidate for Allergan Style 410 Breast Implants?

Gummy bear implants are now FDA approved for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. Allergan Natrelle Style 410 implants are an outstanding addition to the choices now available for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. For women with a severe lack of breast soft tissue cover, those at risk for capsular contracture, and for those requiring breast reconstruction, the form-stable cohesive silicone gel implants may be ideal. Are gummy bear breast implants a great option for for breast augmentation? In selected individuals, there may be considerable advantages for natural breast enlargement. Will the Style 410 replace round silicone or saline breast implants? Round implants will continue to play a leading role in breast augmentation. The "perfect" breast implant for a particular individual has much more to do with her anatomy and unique goals rather than a specific implant style, fill, or profile. Along with round silicone implants, Allergan Style 410 breast implants will play a prominent role in cosmetic surgery of the breast, pertinent to the specific anatomy and desires of the individual.

To determine whether or not you may be a candidate for breast augmentation with Style 410 breast implants, a consultation and physical examination should be performed to ascertain your specific requirements. As every woman's needs, desires, and concerns are unique, Dr. Kolker will help you to carefully weigh the alternatives, and to determine if cohesive silicone gel implants are best for your breast augmentation.

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