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Breast Asymmetry Testimonials

I could no longer condemn myself to a lifetime of insecurity and ugly padded bras. I began to research the best plastic surgeons, starting with New York Magazine's Best Doctors list. After looking at hundreds of pre & post breast augmentation images on several surgeons' websites, Dr. Kolker had the best work by far. While I made several appointments with other surgeons for breast surgery, I immediately cancelled them after my first consultation with Dr. Kolker.

Being overweight most of my adult life, I couldn't help but envy those 'lucky' women with perfect bodies and perfect breasts. Having a fitness/nutrition guru for a boyfriend didn't help. With a lot of love and support, he encouraged me to simply start going to the gym with him and after months of weight training and proper nutrition habits, I improved my general health, finally had definition in my arms, legs and even abs...almost 'lucky'! I was in love and committed for the long term, no pun intended!

Unfortunately after months of all that hard work and sacrifice, my breasts took quite a beating and I discovered asymmetries in my breasts that I never noticed as it only became evident after I lost the weight. I had two absolutely different breasts, neither one pretty, on my new beautiful body. Desperately hoping no one would notice, I lived in ugly padded bras. I even slept in them when we had guests sleep over.

So there I was in Dr. Kolker's office, with an enlarged image of my asymmetrical breasts in various views on a big screen. It was surprisingly liberating. I was literally facing my fears and insecurities, while Dr. Kolker went over each asymmetry in great detail, how he'd approach it, possible risks and his recommendations. Although many would find this experience mortifying, I felt a huge relief. His professionalism and attentiveness is indescribable. The fact that he was able to make me feel like we were simply discussing a medical procedure and nothing more unusual than that was unbelievable.

And the staff completely exceeded my expectations! They were friendly, attentive and so helpful. I cannot count how many emails I sent them and with each email they were prompt to respond with valuable and detailed information and continue to encourage me to contact them with any other questions or concern.

It's been almost half of a year since my surgery and I absolutely love my breasts and so does my boyfriend. I get compliments on them all the time, many from women. What Dr. Kolker did with my breasts is a miracle. I continue to be athletic and to love my body, it is complete now and I'm officially 'lucky' and it's thanks to Dr. Kolker and his staff. You will not regret it! A.R. / NEW YORK
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Dr. Kolker changed my life. No, that's not an exaggeration. I struggled with my breast asymmetry since I was 12 years old. As I grew older, I learned it was more common than I had once thought, but knowing that didn't alleviate the daily battle with my self-esteem every time I got dressed or adjusted the padding I used to correct the one-cup size difference. At 25, I decided to take action, and that's when I first met Dr. Kolker. I was drawn to his practice because it was one of the only I came across that specifically addressed breast asymmetry, and I immediately felt at ease and comfortable in his office. A year later when I was ready to schedule my surgery, he reviewed my options with me again because they had changed. My choice to have this surgery was the best decision I've ever made. I'm grateful for Dr. Kolker, Jillian and Jacki who answered my many, many questions throughout the entire process, from choosing the best option when I wasn't quite sure what I wanted until my recovery. Dr. Kolker truly pays attention to your individual case, and I'm so happy with my results. While my surgery has already made an incredible impact on my life, I look forward to this coming summer when for the first time in a long time, I will enjoy a day at the beach without a worry in the world. I wouldn't have that confidence without Dr. Kolker. Thank you for changing my life.M.B. / NEW YORK
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How can I begin? From the age of 13 I knew something was not right so I knew that one blessed day I would be able to get my chest corrected. Upon my graduation from college I thought it a great time to begin my search for a New York breast surgeon. Dr. Adam Kolker was the first doctor I consulted with and I was blown away by his warm character, medical merits, stunning beautiful office & staff.

I thought this is a great place with amazing results but I could not left myself choose the only doctor I had ever seen. So I continued to have consultations with various surgeons none with whom I instantly liked or felt comfortable. I then gave Dr. Kolker another call & set up a second meeting.

Going in I knew that Dr. Kolker & his staff were the angels I wanted to put my trust in. I felt so comfortable and safe in his office, with his staff, and his plan of action for my breast asymmetry. The day of my surgery I was of course very anxious , excited & scared naturally because this would be the first time in my life I would be going under the knife.

When I awoke I felt fine just a little sore, they turned on my favorite soap opera and I was happy as can be. In the days after surgery I was great, feeling fine no bleeding or pain. I took my medicine as prescribed and waiting to get the bandages removed.

Then the fateful day came; my post-op consultation. All I can say is that they looked phenomenal, I could not believe my eyes. Dr. Kolker had done something ALL other surgeons had told me was not possible. He made the impossible, possible I could not believe it took a possibility and turned it into my reality! They looked amazing no visible stitching, scars or lollipop incision others had told me were unavoidable. I will forever be thankful to him for correcting my asymmetrical breasts and making me so happy. Dr. Kolker & staff are my angels; they made me complete, finally. What Dr. Kolker's office does is truly an art form and I will forever be thankful to God for leading me to him and to Dr. Kolker himself for doing the best he could do for me and changing my life for the better each and every day. I love you ALL.N.S. / NEW YORK
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