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Tuberous Breast Testimonials

I would like to begin by saying I never thought I would have plastic surgery. But after coming to the realization that I had tuberous breasts (which affirmed why I felt so self-conscious for so many years), and trying to accept an abdomen that sagged overwhelmingly from delivering 3 oversized babies, I was somewhat propelled on this journey. A dear friend who underwent breast augmentation surgery several years ago with Dr. Kolker recommended him to me. Actually, that's an understatement. She RAVED about him. And she had thoroughly researched plastic surgeons all over New York City, going to multiple consultations and being disappointed by cold, sterile offices and indifferent doctors. Her endorsement of Dr. Kolker was so emphatic and glowing that I didn't feel the need to look any further. Indeed, upon meeting Dr. Kolker for the first time, I felt all at once reassured, calm, and excited! Most importantly, I was able to arrive at a sense of peace about my decision to move forward. I had expressed my fear about appearing "vain" to Dr. Kolker. He took my feelings very seriously, and responded with kindness and candor. The fact that I wanted to have plastic surgery did not make me frivolous or superficial. The end result was going to give me an appreciation for my physical body that I never had, while boosting my self-confidence in the process. I would be an improved version of myself who could face the world (and my husband!) with increased enthusiasm and courage. Dr. Kolker truly listens to your wishes and goals. He is gentle in his approach, honest in his assessment, and unequivocally clear in his vision. He has an impeccable aesthetic eye, undoubtedly attributed to both his artistic background and very own sense of what is beautiful. It's impossible not to have 100% faith in his abilities. The office staff is professional and personable, a complete reflection upon Dr. Kolker himself. Everyone, including Jillian, Jacki, Vanessa, Mary, and now Rachel, is extremely responsive and compassionate. They work together as a team to impact your overall experience in a strictly positive way, and make you feel totally cared for and appreciated. As far as the actual surgery is concerned, I was really afraid. More specifically, I was petrified about the tummy tuck recovery and not being able to take care of my young children. Turns out my fears were shockingly unfounded. I am so happy and pleasantly surprised to report that my recovery has been an absolute breeze! I had almost NO pain afterward, and I still can't believe it. Of course, there was discomfort and decreased mobility for a short time. But I required very little pain medication and I was up and about with the kids pretty much immediately. And my dramatic results were evident right away. A key part of that recovery was being able to stay overnight in the surgical suite with the private nurses, who were amazingly attentive and wonderful. They monitored me the whole time, had me up and walking, and made sure I was comfortable. Again, that speaks to the overall positive experience that Dr. Kolker and his staff offer. Dr. Kolker is a gentleman and surgeon of the highest integrity and talent. Not only did he deliver beautiful, natural results, but he cared for me with a level of warmth and compassion that exceeded all of my expectations. I am unbelievably content with my decision, and like my friend, can't rave enough about him, either! A.H. / NEW YORK
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