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Inverted Nipple Correction Testimonials

After years of being extremely self-conscious about having inverted nipples, I decided to begin research on how I could go about correcting this condition.

At first I was unsure of what my condition was and began reading online that I along with 2-10% of women have one or two inverted nipples. I was relieved to know that I was not the only one that had this problem. During my research I came across Dr. Kolker's website and decided to make an appointment for a consultation.

When I met with Dr. Kolker he was extremely professional, friendly, and gave me hopeful options. He not only explained the procedure to correct inverted nipples very clearly, but he also explained my options and possible outcomes. I was very excited, and for the first time I felt a sense of hope that I could finally overcome my self conscious body complex that I had battled for years.

I felt at ease with Dr. Kolker because his office and staff was beautifully maintained, welcoming, professional and caring. Thus, I allowed Dr. Kolker to perform the procedure; now I am more confident, and I no longer agonize about this problem.

I want to thank Dr. Kolker for his kindness, as well as his ample ability to correct my inverted nipples. I believe Dr. Kolker is a gifted plastic surgeon.T.P. / NEW YORK
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I just want to tell you that my experience in Dr. Kolker's office was absolutely wonderful. The environment in the office was welcoming. The staff is so nice and it is always a joy being there. Dr. Kolker is just a wonderful doctor.

I was very uneasy speaking about what was bothering me, but upon meeting Dr. Kolker and listening to him explain his technique, he made me feel very comfortable and I had a feeling at that second that I could trust and believe in him. My inverted nipple was corrected successfully! It changed my life and the way I feel about myself. Thank you Jillian for being such a wonderful and kind person; and thank you Dr. Kolker for everything that you did.M.C. / NEW YORK
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Dr. Kolker and his staff provided a comfortable and supportive place for my inverted nipple surgery. They are warm people who are very open to questions and concerns. After meeting Dr. Kolker, I knew this was the place and the surgeon for me.

Dr. Kolker inspires trust and confidence in his clients. I knew that I was dealing was someone who was more than proficient, who took his practice and his clients very seriously. I was surprised at how well I was treated and am very happy with the results of my correction of inverted nipple surgery. I think Dr. Kolker could run bedside manner training sessions for other doctors!H.C. / NEW YORK
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Dr. Kolker's office is always a lovely place come to. The interior itself is warm and inviting, luxurious and comfortable. It is a calming and soothing atmosphere so unlike doctor's offices I've experienced in the past; its almost as if you're sitting in your friend's living room waiting to have tea. Everyone in the office is wonderfully friendly and inviting. The same can be said of Dr. Kolker who is amiable and sociable, yet pleasantly professional. He emanates a kind of calmness that is fabulously reassuring, especially if one is dealing with certain insecurities a patient may face. It is obvious that Dr. Kolker is extremely knowledgeable, and with him I can be sure I'm in good hands.A.P. / NEW YORK
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