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Breast Reduction Testimonials

For many years I was embarrassed by my large breasts. It affected my self-esteem so deeply that I use to wear a sports bra over a regular bra trying to make my breast appear smaller. I wanted to have a breast reduction but my fears kept me from doing it. I am so grateful my gynecologist listened to my cry for help and referred me to Dr. Kolker. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

I met Dr. Kolker during my consultation, and was I impressed! He was very kind, understanding and thorough in explaining the breast reduction procedure. Best of all not only did I feel good and reassured but so did my fiancee. When we got home after each visit, we would discuss what took place during the visit and both agreed that I was making the right choice with the right doctor. The surgery was great, pain was minimal, recovery was quick and I was out of work for only 2 weeks. All of my fears were put to rest, and the markings are hardly noticeable.

In closing I would like to say thank you Dr. Kolker for reintroducing me to life. I have not felt this good in years. Not only do I feel good but thanks to you I look great. You are not only an excellent doctor but an amazing individual. You are the best.D.S. / New York
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If someone asked me to name the number one thing I took away from going through with my breast reduction surgery, it would be confidence.

As a ballet dancer of 17 years I was used to having a small figure. When I matured late in life and developed a DDD chest size my life drastically changed. I was forced to leave the ballet world and slowly lost confidence in my image. I wasn't comfortable with my appearance anymore. I felt like I was defined by my chest size and not by my personality.

Dr. Kolker was the first doctor I spoke to about my surgery and from that initial interview I knew he was going to be my doctor. He made me feel like family from the moment I entered his office. His staff took me under their wing and helped me throughout the entire experience. Dr. Kolker's expertise is unmatchable. Each step he told me I'd experience throughout this process was accurate. I can honestly say now that I love my breasts! My entire perspective on life has changed. I am finally confident in my body, which has helped me gain confidence in other areas of my life.

Since my surgery I've grown in the workplace and socially. I owe my new outlook to Dr. Kolker. He'll always remain one of the most important people in my life.M.D. / New York
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Dr. Kolker changed my life... I am 27 years old and for at least the past ten years I have been seriously considering having a breast reduction, but have always been hesitant about going through with it.

I would go through phases where I couldn't take it anymore and needed it done right away. I had even seen other plastic surgeons, but I would always leave with a feeling of something being wrong. With constant back pain and a limitation to physical activities I decided to try and see another doctor. Through a recommendation, I ended up at Dr. Kolker's office.

After my extensive first meeting with Dr. Kolker, I left knowing that the time was finally here for me to go through with this life-changing event, and that Dr. Kolker was just the person to perform my breast reduction surgery. My emotions leading up to the surgery were everywhere, from excitement, to curiosity to sheer panic, but Dr. Kolker and his staff were there for moral support and reassurance whenever I needed it.

The morning of my surgery was very scary for me, but I knew the whole time I was in good hands, and I couldn't wait for the final result. Walking into the operating room I broke down into tears (of course overreacting on my part). Dr. Kolker stood above me before we got started and wiped the tears off of my face; I was shocked to see a doctor have such compassion, and knew right then that everything would be fine. Leaving the hospital after my one night stay, Dr. Kolker gave me his cell phone number and encouraged me to call at any point, which I did take him up on once or twice. The care that I received from Dr. Kolker and his staff after the surgery was just as impressive - from the phone calls at home, check up visits, and emails to check in.

I am now at near full recovery and can't believe how different my life is. The pain is gone, vacations in a bathing suit are much more enjoyable, physical activities are easier, and my confidence is at an all-time high. The final result that Dr. Kolker left me with is astounding - he is an extremely talented surgeon. To top it all off I am about to purchase my wedding dress and I now have so many more options.

Knowing that I only have one or two more follow up appointments with Dr. Kolker leaves me bittersweet. I know it means I had the courage to finally finish this process, but it also means that I won't have any more visits with him, which I have now come to really enjoy. I can never thank him enough for what he has done for me, and the entire time with such love and care.H.B. / New York
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My experience with Dr. Kolker has been nothing but pleasant and satisfying. I had bilateral breast reduction in August of 2007. I must say that I felt great, had minimal pain afterward and was able to continue to go to school the following week.

Any time I had a question or concern, Dr. Kolker or someone on his staff was there willing to answer my questions immediately. Everyone in the office is so professional and so polite. I have never had surgery before, so this was a bit nerve racking at first, but after entering the office and discussing the procedure with Dr. Kolker, I was much at ease for my procedure. I now feel like a new person and am extremely happy with my results and my decision to have breast reduction surgery. I can't thank Dr. Kolker enough for his wonderful job and allowing me to feel better and have no more back pain. Thank you.H.M. / New York
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