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Breast Augmentation Testimonials

Dr. Kolker is the most talented, brilliant and technically perfect breast surgeon I've ever seen. I am a registered nurse who has been working with plastic surgeons for almost 9 years. I have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the very best. When it came time for me to find a surgeon I literally spent over a year just doing research. Once I found Dr. Kolker I immediately knew he was the one. Dr. Kolker made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease during the entire process. He is obviously a perfectionist but also a genius. You honestly couldn't ask for anything better when it comes to a plastic surgeon. I had a previous breast augmentation by another doctor and I knew my revisional surgery would be difficult and involved. I had consulted with two other highly regarded surgeons but hadn't felt comfortable with anyone until I met with Dr. Kolker. When you are doing something on your body that changes it forever you have to go to the best. Nothing else matters. Not cost, logistics or scheduling. Dr. Kolker literally is the best. I can say this from a personal point of view but also a professional one. I've seen first-hand what's out there and I am so glad to have found him. I love my results and now I get to walk around with the best breasts on the planet!L.W. / New York
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I found Dr. Kolker online and I knew that if I was going to do this, that he would be my doctor. During my consultation, I could see right away that he is not only a talented doctor but a true artist and that settled it. Knowing that I chose the best helped me remain clam during the time leading up to my surgery date (which I think is really important). When I told my OBGYN that I was having an augmentation - she asked me if I chose a doctor. I said yes, Dr. Adam Kolker. She replied - That was exactly who I was going to recommend. She said I was in excellent hands and that she is truly excited for me. Dr. Kolker's staff is extremely pleasant; Jillian was available at a moment’s notice whenever I had a question. Jacki was sweet, professional and very helpful with choosing size. I am also very grateful for their flexibility. A day before my surgery (yes one day) I had several unfortunate circumstances come about that would have made going through with my surgery the following day very challenging. I did not want to actually postpone after waiting so long!!! I called Jillian to talk it through and she helped me make the inevitable decision so much easier. I knew I had to move my date and she reassured me that it was the wiser decision and that the time would go quickly plus no penalty at all. I felt so, so much better and relieved. It was definitely the best choice in so many ways (too long to go into but trust me). I would not hesitate to do it all over again. I think back to the day as fun and exciting. Positive and happy experience all around with gorgeous results!L.W. / New York
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I am so happy that I finally had my breast augmentation and feel so thankful that I took the time to find Dr. Kolker! On the day of my consultation, as I sat in Dr. Kolker's office discussing what kind of results I wanted, I knew that I had found the right doctor for my breast augmentation surgery.

Not only did he understand my needs, but he also allayed any fears that I had regarding the actual breast augmentation surgery. I left his office feeling so excited that I was finally going to do something that I had thought about for 3 or 4 years! All of the thinking, researching, procrastinating, and frustration of not being happy with my breast size was finally being put to rest and being replaced with a feeling of excitement.

During the eight weeks prior to my breast implant surgery, I felt total support from Dr. Kolker's staff. Jacki and Jillian helped me to feel at ease and were always available to answer any questions or concerns. As it got closer to my surgery date, I began to get nervous again but Dr. Kolker's compassion and ability to effectively communicate his knowledge, put my fears to rest. When the day of my surgery actually arrived, I felt totally prepared and this is because I had been given all of the information that I needed about my breast augmentation, was able to express any and all of my feelings to Dr. Kolker, Jillian, and Jacki, and was treated with complete care the whole way through.

I can honestly say that when I look back on the day of my surgery and the days that followed, it was a really positive experience. Going under anesthesia was the scariest part for me because I had it once before and had a really negative experience. But because I had discussed this with Dr. Kolker, he worked with their anesthesiologist (who was also great!) so that I had the perfect result and I woke up from surgery feeling fine. The next few days were spent resting, getting lots of nice attention, and loving my new breasts, even though they were in the healing process. I have nothing but positive memories of this time, which is the exact opposite of what I feared.

It is now four months later and I am more than just pleased with my results. Dr. Kolker did such a wonderful job of giving me just the right size for my body build, so that my breasts look completely natural and the shape is beautiful! I had told myself that if I have a breast augmentation, I'm going to find the best doctor possible, and I feel that I definitely accomplished that.S.N. / New York
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I have one word to describe Dr. Adam Kolker and his staff: amazing. I had been researching breast augmentation for years, and had even met with several doctors but never felt confident to go through with it - until I met with Dr. Kolker. I must say that before my breast augmentation consultation I was really impressed by Dr. Kolker's credentials and before and after pictures, but as soon as I got to the office, I was blown away by the warmth of the staff and the calming atmosphere. When I met Dr. Kolker, he was charming and thorough, and incredibly informative and honest. I knew immediately that this was where I was going to have my procedure. I was always an A cup and hoped for a C cup, but did not want to look "implanty". My results are so awesome!! I had silicone breast implants and they look so incredibly natural. I just love them. The surgery and recovery was so much easier than I expected. Almost 1 year later, I feel like a new woman. I was inspired to write this because I met a friend recently who confided that she had her breasts done (she looks amazing too), and that she had the best surgeon... and as I began to insist that mine was the best, it turns out that both of us had Dr. Kolker! He is an artist, a professional and a true gentleman. The girls in the office are incredible too. The entire experience was so easy, and my results are amazing. Cannot thank him enough!D.P. / New York
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Having a breast augmentation is the best decision I have ever made. I visited several New York City plastic surgeons and after meeting Dr. Kolker and his staff I knew he was going to be my surgeon. I am just thrilled everyday with my results.

The in-office surgical experience is luxury at its best. It is the most beautiful office I have ever seen and Dr. Kolker is just awesome. He was always available to me throughout the process, and even called me the night before and after the surgery! The recovery room was very private, elegant and so comfortable. I could not have dreamed of a better place to have my procedure.

The surgery was so easy! I met Dr. Kolker early in the morning on a Friday and was home before noon the same day. The pain after surgery was minimal. I took it easy for a couple of days and was back at work the following week. I was pleasantly surprised by how the recovery was so effortless.

It has been 8 months since my operation and I feel wonderful! My breasts are perfect. The level of care and service that I received from Dr. Kolker and his staff throughout my pre and post-surgical process was the ultimate experience. I would highly recommend him to anybody who is considering plastic surgery. Not only did he help change the way I look, his wonderful work changed the way I feel. I will never be able to thank him enough; he is not only a great surgeon but a true gentleman!G.D. / New York
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I have wanted to get breast implants my entire life. There was a time when all of my friends developed and the same never seemed to happen for me. I researched the topic for years and with much fear and skepticism, at the age of 20 I went for my first consultation. The office was beautiful, and all of the staff had incredible bedside manner. I must say I knew I was in good hands the second Dr. Kolker walked in the room. He was warm, professional, and truly listened to what it is that I really wanted. Jackie, his nurse is just as smart as she is pretty. She made me feel safe and allowed me to feel as though she was with me every step of the way. I was completely flat-chested and very petite so I did not want to be ostentatious and get anything that wouldn't fit my frame. I asked to be a full B small C and that is exactly what I am today. Dr. Kolker is a true genius. What I feel separates him from the rest of the doctors I have met is two things. The first being that he doesn't push anything on his patients, he simply listens. The second and most important is that he is not only a gifted surgeon but a true artist. He sculpted my breasts to look completely natural and beautiful. He truly changed my life and my level of confidence. Recovery, although different for everyone, for me thankfully was very easy. I was out of the house after a few days and even the days right after surgery weren't bad at all. I would recommend Dr. Kolker to anyone and have complete confidence in his work.A.A. / New York
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I have NEVER written a review in my entire life; even for a film or meal! But three weeks after my breast augmentation I feel I have to say to the world that Dr Kolker and his staff are the best! From my appointment to now sitting at home with perfect, natural looking 32Cs (I was a 32A). I am the happiest I have ever been, or could imagine to be with the results. I only wish I had heard about him, Jacki and Jillian before! They really held my hand the whole way through the process and the end result (which I had spent YEARS worrying about being a petite girl) is simply amazing and exactly what I wanted. Thank you Dr Kolker. Your eye for detail and complete professionalism is outstanding. You deserve more than the cupcakes I bought.K.D. / New York
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Going through with any kind of surgery can be extremely nerve racking, even if it is an elective breast augmentation procedure. That is when choosing the right "team" will make all the difference. I am so happy to have found Dr Kolker and his team! They truly have made my experience special.

Visiting the office is always pleasant, unlike your typical visit to the doctor. The staff is always so cheerful and charming and when you first meet Dr. Kolker you will instantly see that he is passionate about plastic surgery. Dr Kolker and his staff always make you feel comfortable and are always available and eager to answer any questions you might have.

You can count on Dr Kolker to give you the results you are looking for because he genuinely cares about the happiness of his patients. Make a consultation and you will see for yourself!!D.F. / New York
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When I made the decision to have a breast augmentation I knew how vital it was to find an excellent plastic surgeon. When I met with Dr. Kolker and his staff I was extremely impressed and knew I wanted him to be my surgeon!

The experience has been amazing thanks to Dr. Kolker. I am so happy with my breast implants. They look and feel very natural, which was one of my concerns. I have also gained a lot of confidence and feel complete as a woman. Dr. Kolker has certainly exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend him!M.C. / New Jersey
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I am very, very happy with the results of my breast augmentation surgery. This has been the best thing that I have ever done for myself!

Dr. Kolker and his staff are warm, knowledgeable, and responsive. My own GYN, (who referred me), didn't notice that I had implants because they looked so natural. I've already referred a friend to Dr. Kolker.B.P. / New York
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After a pretty substantial search for a plastic surgeon, a colleague of mine recommended Dr. Adam Kolker. Breast augmentation was something I have always wanted. Finally, at almost 30 years old, I decided to move forward with it. Dr. Kolker was extremely patient with me and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable with my decision. It's been exactly one year and I could not be happier with my breast augmentation results. My new breasts are absolutely gorgeous and seemingly natural. They are life changing. I highly recommend at minimum a consultation with Dr. Kolker if interested in breast augmentation. He will change your life too.A.R. / New York
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As I am approaching the one-year anniversary of my breast augmentation, I could not be happier with my results! Dr. Kolker and his staff were so helpful and supportive in helping me making my decision, and I cannot thank them enough. I was always self-conscious about my breast size, I never felt like they fit my body type. After my breast surgery, I feel great about the way my body looks and feels. As an avid runner and work out enthusiast I was worried about my new look and what it would feel like to work out with bigger breasts. I am happy to report that the girls have not affected me in any negative way. Throughout the entire process Dr. Kolker and his staff were always available to answer any of my questions, and help me in any way I needed. I always felt comfortable in the office. I am so happy with my decision and want everyone at Dr. Kolker's practice to know how much I appreciate them! You guys are the best!S.B. / New York
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After being unhappy with the shape of my tuberous breasts for my entire life, I finally decided to have them fixed. Dr. Kolker was the first and ONLY doctor I ended up consulting with as I found no need to look further - I had already found the best. His impressive credentials speak for themselves but it was the palpable feeling of warmth and kindness from Dr. Kolker that put me most at ease with my breast augmentation decision. Dr. Kolker, Jillian and Rachel went above and beyond from my initial visit to make sure that I was 100% comfortable and that all my questions were answered. I never felt rushed or dismissed in any way. Dr. Kolker and everyone on his staff exude compassion and patience and this was extremely important to me in choosing my plastic surgeon. Because I knew I was in the most capable of hands with Dr. Kolker, I was never concerned about not achieving the results I had hoped for or even about the pain following my procedure. On the day of my breast surgery, my main and only concern was the anesthesia. Not surprisingly, the anesthesiologist turned out to be just as amazing as Dr. Kolker and the rest of his staff. He was incredibly warm and friendly and took the time to talk to me before my surgery about exactly what he would be doing and to address any concerns that I had. By the time they brought me into the OR, any fears that I had were gone - I was completely at ease. The entire experience was extremely positive and could not have gone more smoothly. I never had any bad side effects from the anesthesia and no nausea, no vomiting and very little pain following surgery. In fact, by day 3 I was off the pain meds completely. I am now 3 weeks post-op and this whole experience has been life changing. The results are leaps and bounds above anything I could have ever imagined and I could not be more thrilled. Dr. Kolker exceeded my expectations in every way and I could not be more thankful to him. I cannot say enough good about this man. He is a true artist, a perfectionist and a GENIUS. He has changed my life!L.W. / New York
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From the moment I stepped into Dr. Kolker's office he instantly put me at ease with his professionalism, knowledge and expertise. He gave me the confidence to proceed with breast implant surgery, which I have been contemplating for years. My breast augmentation has given me a tremendous boost in confidence and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Kolker. As an extra bonus, the pleasant and wonderful staff is absolutely delightful and went above and beyond to accommodate me.J.M. / New York
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As I approach the one-year anniversary of my breast augmentation, I continue to have nothing but the most positive feelings about my "new" self. I constantly think about how wonderful Dr. Kolker and the rest of his staff are and thank everyone again! Dr. Kolker and his team were so very helpful and caring throughout the entirety of my time with them, from my initial breast surgery consultation to my last post-operative visit. I could go on and on about how much he changed my life for the better, but I can sum up my feelings and experiences with one anecdote. Today is the three month anniversary of the birth of our son Wylie. He was born on January 4, 2011, almost exactly 41 weeks after my procedure. (I would say that's a pretty resoundingly positive response to the debut of my gorgeous new boobs!) (For the record, my "girls" came through pregnancy fabulously, and are holding up marvelously well through breast-feeding!). I just wanted to tell you that I was thinking warmly about you all, and I wanted to say thank you again.K.D. / New York
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I had put off my long desired breast augmentation out of fear until I met Dr. Kolker. The minute I sat down with him I was at ease and knew I was ready to go forward with enhancing my look. Dr. Kolker's reputation of being an incredible surgeon is well known but his humble personality and caring nature are truly what makes the entire process of plastic surgery exciting and enjoyable. In addition, he surrounds himself with a staff of compassionate and gracious professionals who are there for you and willing to hold your hand every step of the way. I wish I had met Dr. Kolker and his staff years ago because I look and feel great!L.B. / New York
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After years of thinking of about breast enhancement surgery I decided to finally make it happen! Before visiting Dr. Kolker's office, I consulted another surgeon but did not feel comfortable with him or his staff. Dr. Kolker is not only a great physician but is also very personable and has good energy about him. The same applies to all the nice ladies who work in his practice. After my breast augmentation, Jillian was always there for me with any questions I had. It has been a year and a half since I had my breast surgery and I am very happy with my results. I always look forward to coming back, now for facials and laser treatments. The design aesthetic and the colors used in Dr. Kolker's office are also very soothing and the overall feel is very luxurious. Going there feels like a mini vacation.K.D. / New Jersey
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For years I've researched breast augmentation surgery in the quest for the perfect breast augmentation surgeon. Once I found Dr. Kolker's website and saw his amazing before and after pictures, I was certain he would be my number one choice. I called the office to schedule a consultation and ask a few basic questions. The wonderful Director of Patient Services, Jillian, was incredibly patient and answered every possible question I could think of, which truly spoke to the competency and professionalism of the staff overall. At that point, all it took was one consultation to meet Dr. Kolker and his incredible team to solidify my decision. That very day I completed all the paperwork and scheduled my surgery for 2 months later. Every single step in this process was smooth and completely stress-free, both pre and post-op. On the day of surgery I was greeted by the kind and professional Nurse Jackie, who had been very involved in the process up to that point, so I was completely comfortable. Because we had discussed my aesthetic goals in detail beforehand, I trusted that Dr. Kolker knew exactly the results I was looking for. I am 6 months post-op and my breast augmentation results are completely natural and proportionate to my frame. Even as soon as one week post-op, I was extremely pleased, and returned to work after just 5 days! I am a young professional, and people who didn't know me before would never guess that I had breast surgery. I would urge any woman considering a breast augmentation to treat herself to the very best. Dr. Kolker is an amazing surgeon who cares about his patients, and has surrounded himself with a truly outstanding team.L.D. / New York,
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A year after my breast augmentation surgery, I met the man who is now my fiancé. The first time he saw me topless, he exclaimed, "Your breasts are perfect".

After I recovered from breast augmentation surgery, people constantly asked me if I had lost weight, that was because my body, post-surgery, was evenly proportioned and not just with bigger breasts, but with beautiful breasts that exceeded my expectations.

I may be 47 years old, but thanks to Dr. Kolker's deft skills as a plastic surgeon; I have the breasts of an 18 year old.C.N. / New York
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I had been thinking about getting a Breast Augmentation for quite some time and did extensive research, but was still too nervous to actually go through with the procedure. I talked about it with my husband and he recommended I make a consultation appointment with Dr. Kolker.

Several years ago he went to Dr. Kolker for a procedure and was extremely happy with the whole experience and his results. Dr. Kolker and his staff put me at ease and answered all my questions. I was still nervous, but never felt pressured and was encouraged by Dr. Kolker to take my time in deciding. When I called the office with any questions I felt the staff went out of their way to be helpful and definitely made me feel like more than just another patient. I booked my breast surgery and felt I was well taken care of from beginning to end. I am very happy with my breast augmentation results and would highly recommend Dr. Kolker to any of my friends.C.P. / New York
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Several years ago he went to Dr. Kolker for a procedure and was extremely happy with the whole experience and his results. Dr. Kolker and his staff put me at ease and answered all my questions. I was still nervous, but never felt pressured and was encouraged by Dr. Kolker to take my time in deciding. When I called the office with any questions I felt the staff went out of their way to be helpful and definitely made me feel like more than just another patient. I booked my breast surgery and felt I was well taken care of from beginning to end. I am very happy with my breast augmentation results and would highly recommend Dr. Kolker to any of my friends.A.K. / Moscow, Russia
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I always felt insecure about the shape of my breasts and searched high and low for the right plastic surgeon for me. I went on many consultations for a breast augmentation, but Dr. Kolker seemed to understand exactly what it was that I wanted. He was completely honest with me about my expectations and did the most beautiful work I have ever seen. Dr. Kolker's staff is also very accommodating and guided me every through step of the way. I could not be any happier than I am today and would highly recommend Dr. Kolker!S.A. / New Jersey
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I never thought of myself as a "plastic surgery" person but I couldn't help seeing my body change in ways I just wasn't happy with. This wasn't about vanity; it was about seeking peace with myself to enable me to get on with other, more important things in life. When I was happy with my breast size, I hated my hips; when I worked out and lost weight around my thighs, my breasts were almost non-existent. So I did my homework and decided to do something about it.

I investigated with the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, and found Dr. Adam Kolker. My first appointment with him was grueling - I asked all kinds of questions, including moral questions about his personal philosophy; and for each question Dr. Kolker had a thoughtful and insightful answer. He was patient and well-measured. I think my first consultation lasted over 2 hours. Then, after over a year of thinking about it, I decided to go ahead with the breast augmentation and throughout the entire procedure, Dr. Kolker and his office were caring, professional and detailed. My boyfriend was probably more nervous than I was, and they were accommodating of his queries and questions.

The surgery itself was exactly as I had been told and the recovery was also as I had expected. I worked from home for a few days and was back in the office within a week. And as for the result - amazing! I still smile to myself when I catch my reflection in the mirror. I can finally wear clothes I never was able to before. My breasts are so natural-looking, and so perfectly proportioned, I catch women looking at me in the changing room at the gym who are internally scratching their heads, wondering if they are real or not. My scars completely healed within 3 months and now are absolutely invisible.

The personal attention, professionalism and treatment of me as an individual is what drew me towards Dr. Kolker and his staff, and what I recommend him to others for. If you have been struggling with your body image, I honestly recommend that doing the hard work of self-acceptance is key. I tried to do that, and realized I needed more. After overcoming the internal struggles, I can honestly say it was a good decision for me. I'm finally happy with my body and I can now use that part of my mind previously reserved for the express purpose of self-deprecation!F.S. / Boston
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I began to think about having a Breast Augmentation when I was very young, but wanted to wait until I was sure the time was right. Being a doctor myself, I wanted someone who was compassionate, trustworthy, and able to realistically meet my expectations. I LOVED Dr. Kolker's results in his before and after photos and read a bunch of his reviews-which were all glowing-so I knew I had to meet him. After three other consultations with New York breast surgeons, one of which was a friend of the family, I firmly decided on Dr. Kolker.

I felt in perfect hands, and now 5 months after my initial consultation and 2 weeks post op, I have the most beautiful and natural looking breasts and just the size I wanted. I seriously couldn't be any happier. I would and will refer ANYONE to this office. Thank you so much Dr. Kolker for your kindness, care and your incredible work. I'm so happy I trusted my instincts and chose you to be my surgeon! Words can't even express my gratitude.J.P. / New York
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I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with my breast augmentation results. After having two children and breastfeeding for a total of five years, my body was definitely a little worn. I had contemplated having a breast augmentation procedure for quite some time. And now, my breasts look natural and feel natural; I feel like a brand new woman!

I must say that other than the money I spent on the breast pump, I've never had money better spent than with Dr. Kolker. From the initial consultation through the follow up appointments after the surgery, I have never been so pleased and satisfied with a doctor and the entire staff. Thank you so much Dr. Kolker, you positively changed my life.K.M. / New York
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Getting a breast augmentation was something I had always thought about doing. However, after giving birth to two children and breastfeeding for 2 1/2 years, it became something I fantasized about. I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel after finally getting breast implants.

I now look in the mirror and feel proud of the way I look. I receive compliments all the time - not specifically for my breasts (although I do get those too). People tell me how great I look and how I have a certain glow to me. That glow is a renewed confidence that I wear every day now. My entire experience with Dr. Kolker and his team was such a pleasure and I will forever be grateful to all of them for changing my life.K.M. / New York
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The ability to breastfeed after breast surgery is highly dependent on the type of surgery and the skill of your surgeon. I had a breast lift and breast augmentation by Dr Kolker. I have always been ecstatic with my results, but even more so since I've been able to successfully exclusively breast feed my very large baby boy. Given the involved nature of the surgery, the lactation consultants did not give me much hope. However, I was determined to try, because I knew how much emphasis Dr Kolker places on the technical aspects of the surgery and if at all possible, he tries to preserve the option for you. I am absolutely thrilled to let you know that I (and, of course, Dr Kolker) have proved the "experts" wrong by breastfeeding my son. If breastfeeding is a future consideration for you, then you need to speak with Dr Kolker. I am glad every single day that I did.D.S. / New York
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I spoke with several NYC plastic surgeons before making my decision to have a breast augmentation and breast lift, but none of them came close to the level of care and attention I received from Dr. Kolker.

I was always a little self-conscious in a bikini or backless top due to the sagginess of my breasts at such a young age. You have to put an immense amount of trust in a doctor when having a breast lift and breast augmentation, and I never had a second thought from the first time I walked into Dr. Kolker's office to the day I walked out of my breast surgery! I have much more confidence now and could not be happier with my decision.N.P. / New York
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My experience with Dr. Kolker has been nothing short of life changing. Having my breast augmentation and breast lift procedure has boosted my self-esteem and given me a confidence that I had not felt for years. Dr. Kolker reshaped my body but also encouraged me to improve my overall health by adopting a sensible diet. Dr. Kolker's emphasis is always on natural beauty. He has impeccable instincts and always knows how to make you look your best. He is an absolute artist.

Throughout the process, from the initial consultation to the after-care visits, the entire staff has always been patient, attentive, caring, knowledgeable, and friendly. The office and surgical suite is always clean and comfortable. I would not hesitate to use Dr. Kolker again in the future and would recommend him highly to my very best friends and family.S.V. / New Jersey
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I could no longer condemn myself to a lifetime of insecurity and ugly padded bras. I began to research the best plastic surgeons, starting with New York Magazine's Best Doctors list. After looking at hundreds of pre & post breast augmentation images on several surgeons' websites, Dr. Kolker had the best work by far. While I made several appointments with other surgeons for breast surgery, I immediately cancelled them after my first consultation with Dr. Kolker.

Being overweight most of my adult life, I couldn't help but envy those 'lucky' women with perfect bodies and perfect breasts. Having a fitness/nutrition guru for a boyfriend didn't help. With a lot of love and support, he encouraged me to simply start going to the gym with him and after months of weight training and proper nutrition habits, I improved my general health, finally had definition in my arms, legs and even abs...almost 'lucky'! I was in love and committed for the long term, no pun intended!

Unfortunately after months of all that hard work and sacrifice, my breasts took quite a beating and I discovered asymmetries in my breasts that I never noticed as it only became evident after I lost the weight. I had two absolutely different breasts, neither one pretty, on my new beautiful body. Desperately hoping no one would notice, I lived in ugly padded bras. I even slept in them when we had guests sleep over.

So there I was in Dr. Kolker's office, with an enlarged image of my asymmetrical breasts in various views on a big screen. It was surprisingly liberating. I was literally facing my fears and insecurities, while Dr. Kolker went over each asymmetry in great detail, how he'd approach it, possible risks and his recommendations. Although many would find this experience mortifying, I felt a huge relief. His professionalism and attentiveness is indescribable. The fact that he was able to make me feel like we were simply discussing a medical procedure and nothing more unusual than that was unbelievable.

And the staff completely exceeded my expectations! They were friendly, attentive and so helpful. I cannot count how many emails I sent them and with each email they were prompt to respond with valuable and detailed information and continue to encourage me to contact them with any other questions or concern.

It's been almost half of a year since my surgery and I absolutely love my breasts and so does my boyfriend. I get compliments on them all the time, many from women. What Dr. Kolker did with my breasts is a miracle. I continue to be athletic and to love my body, it is complete now and I'm officially 'lucky' and its thanks to Dr. Kolker and his staff. You will not regret it!A.R. / New York
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Dr. Kolker and his team impressed me from our very first encounter, and just continued to exceed my very high expectations in every way. I am a surgeon myself, so when I was finally ready for my abdominoplasty, breast lift and breast augmentation; I met with many plastic surgeons before choosing Dr. Kolker. He is a gentleman, an artist and an exceptional physician and surgeon.

I knew I had made the right choice as Dr. Kolker took the time during my consultation to listen to my concerns, thoroughly examine me, and genuinely care about what I was looking to accomplish. My surgery went beautifully and thanks to Dr. Kolker my body looks amazing! My breasts are the breasts I have always dreamed of having, and my abdomen is flat and hard and sculpted.

After my pregnancies, despite losing all of my weight, doing Pilates, running, and working with a trainer, nothing could reverse the effects three pregnancies had on my body. I had a large diastases, an umbilical hernia, stretch marks and a lot of excess skin and tissue. I used to cry when I would stand in my closet and try on clothes. Now, I can wear whatever I want and I don't have to live in Spanx like I did for four years. I am actually able to wear a bikini - something that I never thought would be an option for me again. After my breast and tummy surgery, I went back for some focal liposuction, and now I visit Dr. Kolker for Botox and injectables. I have referred friends and colleagues to Dr. Kolker as he is simply the best in his field for plastic surgery - just look at his before and after photos. In addition to his exceptional care, his whole office staff cared for me before, during, and after my procedures, and I am extremely thankful for their dedication and commitment.K.W. / Maryland
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My experience with Dr. Adam Kolker and his staff exceeded all of my expectations. I first had thoughts of breast augmentation after the birth of my second child. I wanted to reclaim my body and was not happy with the way my breasts had decreased in size after each pregnancy making my body disproportionate.

Being small in frame I had concerns about how natural they would look. I wanted to fill out my tops, feel proud of my body but still look professional at work.

Dr. Kolker eased my mind from the moment we met. From the bedside manner that Dr. Kolker has to the warm and friendly staff that works in his office, the entire experience was the best I have ever had. They literally held my hand through the entire process making me feel like so much more than a patient. I looked forward to each of my appointments and left feeling so well taken care of and secure in my decision. I was taken aback at how involved Dr. Kolker was with each concern or question I had and how quickly he returned my calls- even at home. In the end, Dr. Kolker created the most natural and balanced look for my frame.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not wake up and smile over the results of my surgery. Getting dressed went from something that I didn't look forward to, to a happy experience because of how great I look and feel. When visiting my ObGyn for the first time since having my breast augmentation surgery I was thrilled to hear her reaction to my surgery - she was so impressed at how natural and perfect my breasts were for my body- she even asked me for Dr. Kolker's name and number so she could tell her other patients who were interested!

Since I can't get enough of Dr. Kolker and his amazing staff I have since gone back to the office on a monthly basis for facials, injectables and laser hair removal. I leave Dr. Kolker feeling like a mini-celebrity from the glowing results of the visits. He is so gentle and patient, I actually look forward to my Botox and Restylane treatments. They are the best I have experienced in the city and I get asked all the time what I use on my skin to look so bright and youthful.

Even my son has seen "Dr. Adam" for minor scrapes & cuts. He now insists that Dr. Adam is HIS Doctor making him a true family favorite.

My "mommy makeover" was the one thing I did for "me" after having children and it's the greatest gift I gave myself.

Thank you to Dr. Kolker and his wonderful team. You have given me such confidence and true happiness with my body and appearance. It's a gift that I am grateful for every single day!K.F. / New York
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I almost did not go to my consultation with Dr. Kolker, as I had seen three other Doctors in NYC for a breast augmentation and tummy tuck, and even though what they all had to say was similar, they just were not right. Lastly, with low expectations I arrived at Dr. Kolker's office, what a surprise! This group of lovely people, smiling and happy in this beautiful environment, greeted me. When I met with Dr. Kolker, I knew he was the one! I remember going to dinner to meet my husband after my appointment and beaming at the table saying, "I found him".

It was not what he had to say, as I pretty much knew it all at this point, but how he talked me through it every step, professionally yet respecting of my own knowledge and concerns.

Preparation for my breast and tummy tuck surgery was a breeze. I met with Dr. Kolker that morning for my pre-op and I totally respected him as my surgeon but also as an artist so I gave him the freedom to create. Next thing I knew I'm waking up, calm and content and I have to say quite bubbly. I spent one night in the recovery room in the company of a lovely nurse and then packed up and began my recovery in the comfort of my home surrounded with my family.

The results could not have been better! I now have a six pack (never had that in my life before) and proportionate breasts that no longer depend on push-up bras. I feel fantastic! My follow-up visits have continued to meet all my expectations and beyond and I can whole heartedly say that any other procedure I may have done in the future will be with Dr. Kolker and his team. Thanks guys!C.T. / New York
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From the very first time that I stepped foot in Dr. Kolker's office and met him and the staff there, I was completely at ease. I had a breast augmentation, and the overall experience, from the consultation through my last check up after surgery, was wonderful. Dr. Kolker and his staff were there to answer any questions at any time before and after surgery. I'm so pleased with how the surgery turned out. There was virtually no pain (only minor discomfort) and they look completely natural.

Since my first breast enlargement with Dr. Kolker was such a success, I went back to him for a Rhinoplasty. Again, another great experience. It looks as though I was born with this beautiful nose thanks to Dr. Kolker. I've also seen Dr. Kolker for Botox and Restylane and have seen the medical aesthetician for laser hair removal who does a great job and makes you feel very comfortable during laser procedures.

Walking into Dr. Kolker's office is like walking into a friend's home. Dr. Kolker, Jillian, Jacki and team are so friendly and the best at what they do. Surgery can be a scary thing, but not in this office... you couldn't find better care elsewhere.J.G. / New York
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